Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rocking the young

Shut up and Vote !!!

Mohana is woken up by the jarring noise of the stopping fan. Another day starts with the power cut. She goes to brush her teeth greeted by the air swishing out of the pipe. After battling her way out of the house she finds her heart in her mouth each time the rickety bus falls into a pothole, or should I say a crater? Are you going to stop me here and say 'Deja vu', say that our system sucks, politicians are selfish, the country is going to dogs, etc.?

There might not be a panacea to all your worries and questions but there is certainly one question that the Jaago Re! One Billion Votes team would like to ask you..."so, what are you doing about it?" We lose our right to complain when we don’t exercise our duty to vote.

Janaagraha and Tata Tea together want to rock the young, not to sleep but out of their slumber. And they are doing this in style with their Jaago Re! One Billion Votes ‘Shut Up And Vote Tour’ courtesy Thermal and A Quarter, a pioneering Indian band. Rock shows for democracy is an innovative concept to integrate youth into the democratic framework of our country. The ‘Shut Up and Vote Tour’ by the rock band hopes to stir the conscience of the progeny.

So, get out and vote first, then you can make all the noises in the world to stop the jars and swishes from your fans and pipes.

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  1. I was here the day you had posted it but some technical glitch and I could not post the comment.

    Sad but true, I have yet to vote! I had planned to get my voter Id made but it's yet to happen, alas!

    I may not vote but every elections I do tell my family not to vote for a particular party for sure but I don't think they are impressed by the suggestion!

  2. How old are you Vikas? Do you just trawl the net reading people's blogs all day and write comments in an upscale lingo? Load of free time on your hands dont u? :p - also known as GET A JOB! Perhaps a LIFE!

  3. @Anonymous!

    Hello Anon! I am between 25 and 30 (don't ask the actual age; I find it embarrassing!). Me and Tha must be the same age cohort.

    I don't trawl the blog all day but yes once in a while, I certainly do. I have about 150 subscribed feeds in my reader; I keep an eye on them as and when I get the time (this blog is in my must read list). Above all, what are blogs for Anon?!

    I do not think I use an "upscale lingo"!

    Yeah, I am jobless (but full of life despite many downers)but will get one this year in all probability.

    You can visit my primary blog to know more on me.

    I am open to criticism; so you can choose to be courageous and leave your real name and blog link (if any)!

    I was away from the computer for a week; hence the delay in replying.


    Tha, do you dislike my presence here (do tell me if I have been an irritant to you or others in some way?). I am sorry if I have hurt you or others in some way in the past. I am very busy until November anyway and will pay rare visits.

  4. @anony.. plz reveal urself..is it some1 i know?...mail me then :)...its my blog, so pick on me/my post, and not pay attn to visitors :P (ok inviting trouble i c, let me shut up)

    @vikas...come on...all in gud humour...anony was only joking i m sure...we dont need explanations as to why u do wat u do...comment if u like or dislike something..and if it bothers me i will delete ur comments...forget wat others say...again seeking attn to the post and not visitors :P


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